Have you ever been to a conference where the interpretation reaching you in your head phones was too winding, too brief or simply wrong? If you happen to understand both languages, this can be very irritating and disturbing.

We offer professional Amharic Interpretation Services at competitive prices. When on site, our interpretation can be both consecutive and simultaneous depending on the needs of the client.

Our Amharic Interpreters are experienced and thus able to think on their feet. They are also duly certified and hence you can count on their competence. Apart from conference interpretation we also cover the following:

Amharic Phone Interpretation Service: you can save cost by tapping into our Amharic interpretation via phone. Just contact us for details on how this can be done. The only thing different with our phone interpretation is that you will not see our faces. But our voices will be very much present, interpreting English to Amharic, French to Amharic and Arabic to Amharic.

  1. Amharic Legal Interpreting Service: your Amharic Court Room Interpretation is in safe hands with us.
  2. On-Site Interpretation: we offer accurate On-Site Interpretation to our clients.
  3. Amharic Business Interpreting Service: your Amharic Business terms that needs to be interpreted are duly handled by our team.

Contact us today for a conversation on your Amharic Interpretation Needs.