Localize and become more profitable

We are experts in Amharic Localization. Localization is akin to a five course meal constituting of the appetizer, soup, salad, main course and desert.

Our Localization team transforms all the informational components of your product or service and transforms them into a local five-course package that is palatable and attractive to the local Amharic audience. In this regard, we will not just translate, but will also fashion the translation’s style and words to reach our local Amharic audience in a desirable manner. We will also go beyond this and offer pragmatic advice on the downstream utilization of the translated material. At an even broader level, we can provide input into the upstream production of respective products so that they are designed with our local Amharic audience in mind.

As a case in point, it would be pointless for a soft drink bottle to bear Amharic translation in the label but foreign names above the label. This attempt to personalize the drink would backfire if there are no Ethiopian names that can only be provided and included at the upstream level.

Amharic Localization is a marathon. We prepare our clients before it starts, run with them and cross the finish line with them.

Our localization team which comprises of competent Amharic Localizers is led by the manager herself. She will keep you informed during every step of the marathon. We have learnt from experience that in localization, communication and consultation with clients is of the essence.

Start your Amharic Localization Journey today by contacting us with your queries. Any of our Amharic Localizer will attend to you promptly.