The AT Team was very accessible and efficient.
- Salama Communications Centre, Kampala

At Amharic Translation Agency, we have a competent team that will work diligently and professionally to make your dreams come true. This team is led by Miss Tsion Tebebe our Manager. The team is experienced in and fully committed to Amharic Translation that clearly communicates to Amharic speakers.

All members of the team are native Amharic speakers, born and living in Ethiopia. Though drawn from different tribes, we have all been speaking Amharic since our childhood. We speak it in our homes, in the buses, market places, streets... everywhere. Our team is made up of members who work in different departments as follows:

  1. English to Amharic Translators
  2. Spanish to Amharic Translators
  3. Italian to Amharic Translators
  4. Arabic to Amharic Translators
  5. Swahili to Amharic Translators
  6. English to Amharic Interpreters
  7. Amharic to English Interpreters
  8. Arabic to Amharic Interpreters
  9. Amharic to Arabic Interpreters
  10. Amharic Transcribers
  11. Amharic Writers

All our Amharic Translators can also handle Amharic Interpretation, Amharic Localization and Amharic Transcription. It is a multi-skilled team that is led by the Manager and two deputies who coordinate all projects and keep clients informed. We also have a competent team of the following:

  • English to Amharic Translator
  • English to Amharic Proof-reader
  • English to Amharic Editor
  • English to Amharic Transcriber
  • English to Amharic Interpreter
  • English to Amharic Voice Over/ Dubbing Artist
  • English to Amharic Subtitler

Why Us?

We are your one stop Amharic Translation Services provider in Africa providing Amharic quality language services.

We assure you of our:

  • Amharic Accurate Translation
  • Amharic Accurate Transcription
  • Amharic Accurate Proofreading
  • Amharic Accurate Transcreation
  • Amharic Accurate Editing
  • Amharic Accurate Interpretation
  • Amharic Accurate Voice Over/ Dubbing
  • Amharic Accurate Subtitling

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