Technical translation is a challenging exercise irrespective of the language. It is even more so in Amharic because of the difference between Amharic characters and Roman alphabet.

Because the law is an ass Legal Translations are similarly stubborn in nature.

Very few websites online are in Amharic yet there is a big difference between an English or French website with an Amharic website.

We assure you of accurate and professional Amharic Medical Translations. We have our in-house Amharic Clinical Trial Translator who will handle all your Amharic Clinical Trial Translation.

“We have finished the job, what shall we do with the tools?” Emperor Haile Selassie.

These words from our former leaders sound different in Amharic. But the difference is not just in the words themselves. Amharic has a rich vocabulary that captures its illustrious history. Many Amharic words do not have direct English equivalents. This necessitates highly perceptive translation that duly captures the English meanings. Such is the translation that our team is dedicated to and experienced in. At Amharic Translation Company, we do the translation to other languages without changing the Meaning of Amharic.

We offer the following Amharic Translation Services:

  • Amharic Financial Translations
  • Amharic Website Translations
  • Amharic Certified Translations
  • Amharic Document Translations
  • Amharic Urgent Translations
  • Amharic Express Translations
  • Amharic Manual Translations
  • Amharic General Translations
  • Amharic Business Translations
  • Amharic Marketing Translations
  • Amharic Medical Translations
  • Amharic Technical Translations
  • Amharic Legal Translations
  • Amharic Specialist Translations
  • Amharic Contract Translations
  • On Demand Amharic Translations
  • Professional Amharic Human Translations
  • Amharic Software Translation

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We translate all manner of documents into Amharic. Do you have an English brochure that needs to be translated into Amharic?

The Queen of Sheba is said to have been from Ethiopia, a belief that is vindicated by the ruins of ancient churches that can still be found scattered across the 1,100,000 square kilometre country.

As the gatekeeper of finances, the financial industry is critical for all businesses.

You may never have heard of the great Amharic novel Fəqər əskä Mäqabər (Love to the Grave).